Calvin Klein Truth for Men 50ml

Calvin Klein Truth for Men is an aromatic woody perfume with a strong refreshing and uplifting fragrance. The mixture of wood chords referring to the smell of rainforests has been enriched with male herbal aromas. Perfumes are seductive and overpower women. For everyday use and for all occasions. The premiere of Truth’s fragrance was in 2002.
Scent notes
head note: green and woody notes
heart note: raisins, basil, cardamom, patchouli
base note: cedar wood, sandalwood.


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Calvin Klein
Calvin Richard Klein born 19 November 1942. American fashion designer in New York. In 1968, he founded the Calvin Klein Inc. company. Calvin Klein is a well-known clothing designer, but his name is signed by perfume watches and jewelry. He was born in New York’s Bronx in the family of the Hungarian emigrant Leo Klein and Flore. His grandmother was a tailor so Calvin had a passion for sewing after he realized art and fashion, through his mother who gained experience in the subject of fashion and style, which contributed to his great career to this day his habit is very famous all over world. its products are very popular and appreciated.



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Calvin Klein

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